Vegas World Slots Review

Vegas World is one of the best social casino where customers can play for free and engages players with fun casino games.  Players can get can get coins to use in playing all of the games and enjoy numerous winnings but luck charms play a big role in this. This is not a real money gambling site but will provide an excellent social recreational online entertainment.

Our World Platform

Our World, which is an online virtual world was launched in 2008 by FlowPlay where players have the opportunity to select over 200 best online game titles with genres from action to puzzle. Players can also choose from over 32,000 types of goods ranging from furniture, clothing and basically any items that players require in their virtual world.

Our World platform allows players to socialize and party with their friends in coffee shops, dance clubs, beaches, and shopping places as well as in their customizable condos.

Software and Technology

Online deep games and a virtual world experience is accessible in both web and mobile platforms using the social casino white label technology and the 3D Vector Avatar system. This technologies allow players to customize social casino games and to launch social casino in virtual worlds.

This is a dynamic platform with a backend infrastructure and analytic where partners can launch uniquely branded casino games on social platforms such as on Facebook, Android tablets, iOS and on mobile devices.

The 3D Vector system allows for highly animated character as well as highly customizable one as provided by FlowPlay. It provides for the production of a catalogue of thousands of items for our characters to wear to represent any animation we produce.

Games Selection

Vegas World provides social casino games which players can play for free with best odds and high payouts. To enhance sociability, there is multi-player gameplay to all casino based classics. This include Hot Tub poker, over 45 slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Solitaire, Social Video Poker and  lots more. The environment provided is that of vibrancy, adventurous and promotes social networking.

Customer Support

Players can get customer support on their inquiries related to games submissions and assistance through email or via a dedicated telephone contacts. Their customer representatives are professionals in the online gaming industry and will respond in a friendly manner.

Our Take

Vegas World has provided a social platform where people from different backgrounds can interact with one another and play games together in probably one of the biggest virtual world. The games provided meet the state of the art technology and players access innovative social games for free.