Molly Bloom life has been described by many as ‘stranger than fiction’ which prompted for interest by Holly wood movie makers to make a film on her life in what was seen as many as a depiction of her rise and fall in ‘Molly’s Game’.

The tale of Molly, the Poker Princess is entangled in many life’s twists and turns. As a young ambitious student, she had plans to join law school at a time when Molly was a world-class skier with a promising career direction in the sporting industry. But this dream was cut short after she was involved in a serious accident.

As fate would have it, she found herself in the lucrative poker industry running one of the exclusive pokers targeting Hollywood’s celebrities. This was a prudent approach and her niche clients ensured that millions of dollars exchanged hands. She run high stakes poker games where Millions were spent in extreme buy-ins. The games involved high flying celebrities, the likes of Rick Solomon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pete Sampras, Matt Damon to mention just but few.

She had the world on her hand and she once described a fantastic moment when she handled million dollars as she counted it in one of the days she considered a peak time at her life. She was undoubtedly the Poker Princess of Hollywood and could leap in dollars in tips too.

She was exposed to the world of fame, money, wealth and the power that comes from a confidence in worldly and material achievements. But under this glamourous lifestyle there was pain and dark side in her life. She was abused by the Russian Mafia, this frustrations led her to a life dependent on drugs use. Her bottom rock was when the FBI raided her poker and seized all her assets. This ugly turn in her life could only get worse as two years later, she was arrested and charged for operating illegal games and taking proceeds from an illegal source.

Her life was falling apart right under her own eyes. Molly was facing the possibility of spending over five years in jail but she took a plea and this reduced the sentence to a fine and probation. Following this experiences, Molly wrote a book detailing her personal life experiences and approached Aaron Sorkin with a proposition to have it adopted into a film.

The film turned out to be a best seller on the Hollywood charts. Molly first watched the film at the Toronto theatre together with her family in a filled up auditorium. She was emotional watching someone else play out her life and how the audience were immersed in her life happening. After watching the film, Molly admitted that her life was indeed like a fiction or stranger than a fiction tale.

Molly’s Game is a film that is based on the true story of a poker princess who was ambitious enough to rise up the ladder before the knock out time and the falling of the dices ending her game in such anti-climax way. This however marked a new beginning, another type of fame as she is thwarted into the Holly Wood world.  Sorkin directed the film with a deliberate effort to portray Molly’s story as authentic, as true as possible and Jessica Chastain did justice in playing Molly in the film.