The answer to this question is YES if you can understand the online poker market.  There are professional poker players who live on playing online. Players however need a set of skills to be able to earn a substantial amount.  To increase your earnings in Poker, here is a few things you need to know.

Right Skills

Poker is a dynamic game that keeps on changing and players require to update their skills regularly. You can achieve this by reading latest information online, following community forums that have competent players, watching the latest webinars and trainings as well as playing on demo versions. For instance, one needs to be aware of the ever changing trends of betting on online poker. This will ensure that one places calculated bets.

Play fewer poker tables

While as multi-table playing was common in the past years, this has changed since most sites have reduced their rakeback and bonuses. This means the monthly payments on rakebacks have significantly reduced. To be on the safe side, players better play fewer tables as this will increase your chances to move up the stakes.

Games selection

Be honest and realistic on the games you are comfortable playing. Select games wisely but most importantly ensure you are in the right state of mind when playing. Do not view playing poker online as a platform to vent when angry or frustrated since this situation can leave you in losses and decrease your chances of making any profits. Mental Game of Poker is a good read to keep you psychologically prepared.

The Poker Environment

The results you get will determine whether it’s a win or a loss and the margins. If you are playing at the poker table, the number of players, stakes at risk and your prowess at the game will determine the final outcome. If you want to increase your profit margins, you must understand your poker climate.

Tournaments or cash games player

To understand a player’s earnings, one needs to know the amount of funds and the rate at which they play poker since this influences how much one makes in a given period. The earnings also depend on whether a player chooses tournaments or cash games.

It’s possible to make money playing poker online especially for great and professional players. If you are a new player, don’t despair, get into the game, study hard, join forums, hire a coach and play the games you love for fun. Enjoy and the money will start to come.