Most new poker players get the thrill provided by free poker and assume that the experience with real money poker will be as seamless. There is a lot whole of differences between the two and it’s crucial that any poker player get to understand this before bankrolling and also to increase the chances of earning in real money poker games. The main five differences are;

  1. Tighter Rules

Players observe rules more seriously when they are playing real money poker games in comparison to when playing free poker. The strategies used are carefully selected to increase chances of winning while minimizing on the loses. In free poker games, most times players are careless and will throw all the chips in the middle and watch a show down unfold while at times you will find them playing every hand without much thought. This ballgame changes when playing real money poker.

  1. Stiff Competition

It is not as easy to win in real money poker as it happens in free poker. Most players in real money poker are skilled and you find the opponents are equally good at the game. This means that the competition is tougher as each player tries to outdo the opponent and take the win. Free poker players have the perception that it’s free and they have nothing at stake thus no much care on winning or losing.

  1. Etiquette

Players in a real money poker games are likely to be more respectful and courteous than in free poker. They have invested their money in the game and thus will be more focused than players at a free poker. Emotions are also more prevalent with real money poker players since a win or a loss will have certain effects on their finances, but this is different when it comes to free poker players.

  1. Games pace

The pace of games when playing real money poker is slower as compared to when playing free poker. This can be attributed to the fact that players at real money poker will take time to think before making any move. This does not happen as much in free poker and thus the games can be played almost in a chase mode and move faster on different levels.

  1. Popularity

While as both free poker and real money poker has been gaining popularity in the past decade, real money has a bigger membership than free poker. Players who take poker more seriously would definitely go for real money poker while those who want social and recreational time will opt for free poker. However, the poker marketing approach is more business oriented which means it reaches more people willing to spend.

The other feature why real money poker is more popular is that most sites are designed to meet certain security and professional standards thus offering features that enhance an excellent online experience. Free poker platforms sometimes can be underwhelming with few games and sub-standard quality.

Real money poker is more intense, fun and more professionally handled as compared to free poker. The difference in the two are mostly extubated by the players, money at stake and general attitude towards poker.