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Figuring Out the Legalities of Playing Online Poker in Your Country


Practically online poker is available all over the world and allows everyone to compete with other players in real money tournaments or games, who have attained legal age as per their jurisdiction. However, it is not necessary that playing online poker is legal in any country or state even if online poker services are offered by some of the poker sites in that country or state.

The legal position of playing online poker for real money ultimately depends on the interpretation of the laws created by the local and federal government authorities. But, due to the increasing popularity of the sites offering online poker services, regulatory bodies of many countries have started to consider the legal problems in this direction. In such condition, it is recommended that interested people should research the risks of prosecution and financial loses involved in playing poker online when there is no clear indication about their legality

The information provided here under will help you to know about the legality of playing online poker in main markets of the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada etc.

Legality of playing online poker

Mainly, the online poker sites that are regulated, to allow people to play in real money in various regions globally, are licensed by the local or federal government authorities. The site owners have to pay a certain percentage of their profits as a regulatory tax to the treasury of the state or the country.

The regulated poker sites, licensed by any country or state, have to offer protection to their player. They have to ensure the protection of the funds deposited by the player with them. The site owners cannot use them for operating their poker site.

However, it is not necessary that the poker site that has been regulated by the federal government can be permitted to operate it online wherever they want. In some countries, legal operation of online poker depends on the state level, as they do not have any infrastructure to regulate it on the country level.

Certain guidelines have been set to regulate the legal online poker sites to protect underage players. All the new online players have to comply with Know Your Customer program by providing their personal information before playing with real money or withdraw funds from their account. The site owners have to request their new customers to submit photocopies of their personal identification documents.

Some of the unregulated online poker sites also operate illegally in various jurisdictions without any license. The players attracted to these sites to play real money games can be at risk of losing their funds as there is no one to protect their funds if the site owner refuses to pay back their winning amount.

Another drawback of playing with an unlicensed and unregulated online poker site is that they can be shut down by local government anytime for using unsafe software, unfair games or not providing prize money even of the fully guaranteed tournaments etc.

Moreover, it is not necessary that an online poker site that is legal in a certain state or country will be legal for your jurisdiction also. So before playing on an online poker site, you should know its legality in your jurisdiction.